Dramatic Lives

"Dramatic Lives" was broadcasted on TV (NHK BS Premium) and the book pubulished in 2011. I made paper craft for the book cover.

This book introdce 11 dramatic lives. Nishikigoi (Japanese carp), orchid, morning glory, honeybee, tomato, White-Leghorn (hen), banana, silkworm, bulldog, pig, and Somei-yoshino (cherry blossom). I created a design that made them all gathered around the tree.

Tomato parts: I made some small circles with a punch and cut the green paper to form leaves. The cutter is used for cutting and making shapes. I need to roll the green paper to make a curve that looks like real leaves. Once the leaves are curled up, different shades of green can be seen from different angle.

White-Leghorn (hen) and eggs: I rolled the isosceles triangular shaped paper like a coil starting from wide side to the narrow side to make a croissant for an egg.

Banana: It is about 1 centimeter long. Just cut in a curve shaped paper and fold it. That's all. Banana Leaves: Glue the parts of the leaves with a few clearance with each other like the vein. It'll be difficult to find the silkworm on the bookcover, but it is there!