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I made unique characters of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" like the Cheshire Cat, the Queen of Hearts, the White Rabbit, and so on. Flowers and trees were also made out of paper. I hope that you will enjoy while looking at my designs.

I compare which of these red papers is better for fresh rose.

I tore a rabbit shape out of paper with my bare hands so it will look fluffy.

After Alice became small, she cried and then suddenly appears this piece of cake in front of her that says "eat me" written in currants. I pasted small pieces of paper measuring 1.5mm in different colors that look like dried blueberries.

Many animals joined in the caucus race. I wanted to make a bird that has gorgeous tail feathers that looks like a peacock.

In the caucus race, Alice and the animals moved in circles to dry themselves, so I made this action into an image of pinwheel.

These leaves are parts of the tree that has a door which Alice has found in the woods. I then glued the leaves in the branches. And then, I set the branches on the back of the board setting them with a little space from 5-10mm away from the board instead of directly pasting them on the board.

I carefully cut a paper into Alice's shape using cutter.

I tried to adjust the height, curve and handle of the teacup many times to get the perfect one.

At March Hare's place, in front of his house there is a tree. Under the tree, there is a large table with many tea cups. Together with March hare, Alice, the Dormouse and the Hatter they had a tea party.

The Queen of Hearts is bad tempered and bawler. So I looked at her face in the playing cards and changed the image and made it a little bit older and mean looking.

This is a strawberry tart which is made by the Queen of Hearts all on summer day. So I made a lot of strawberry paper cut outs.

This is the Cheshire Cat, one of the famous character in the story. I made it by focusing on the grin and the good set of white teeth.


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Nov. 25 Tue. 2014 - Nov. 30 Sun. 2014
Open: Everyday except Monday at 12:00 to 19:00 PM, (last day ~16:00)
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