Thanks for visiting. This website mainly show pictures of my artwork. I make different varieties of illustration with paper, such as plants, animals, the sun, foods and etc. I like to create things that make people happy. Hope you will enjoy looking around.


Masae Nagao

I came across this paper art while working in the paper section at a well-established stationary store named GINZA ITO-YA. Different varieties of paper at store inspired me to make paper art. I have received the 10th annual grand prize "Kamiwaza Award" for "Pe-PET". I had a paper art page "KAMIZOKU" serialized in the monthly magazine "SOTOKOTO". (Sep. 2003 ~ Apr. 2012)


  • 2016 Paper Restaurant 2016/ TOPPAN FORMS building(Tokyo)
  • 2016 JDA Triennial 2016/ The Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse
  • 2015 Paper Restaurant 2015/ TOPPAN FORMS building(Tokyo)
  • 2014 Exhibition of ALICE / GALERIE Malle(Tokyo)
  • 2013~2014 Exhibition of designs for Nankichi Niimi's book
  •          (Tokyo and Aichi)
  • 2009 Exhibition of KAMIZOKU / Tsukiji TASS Gallery(Tokyo)
  • 2009 PAPER NATURE /(Chiba)
  • 2009 KOBE Green Festa2009(Kobe)
  • 2008 Exhibition of KAMIZOKU / Tsukiji TASS Gallery(Tokyo)

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