Image Sample

Paper illustrations for "The Fermented Foods" Column in Grunavi coupon catalogue. (Vinegar, Beer, Yoghurt, Kimuchi, Anchovy, Cheese, Whiskey, Narezushi, Natto, Bread, Soy sauce, Wine, Mirin, Miso, Dried bonito, Sake)

Catalogue "MEISUI"

Jyoshibijyutsu Universicy "Map for designers"

"KAMIZOKU" is a paper art page serialized in the monthly magazine "SOTOKOTO". "KAMI" means paper and "ZOKU" means nation in Japanese. The scene of this story was taken in Peru. The main character is MAPITO. As the story went, they had a trip around the world. (Sep. 2003 ~ Apr. 2012)


Received the 10th annual grand prize "Kamiwaza Award" for "Pe-PET". If you stroke it, it moves flexibly on your palm like a little pet.


My Actions for My ENERGY !