Exhibition of book designs for
Nankichi Niimi

16 creators design and bind the books for the 100th anniversary of Nankichi Niimi's birth. He was a Japanese author. I use the four seasons as my inspiration to make this design through paper craft.

The papers which I used have many tones of white, and variety of textures. I made a bellow base for the book design exhibition. A trial product of a hill in spring and a trial product of a tree in summer.

I formed the circle with real execution papers and it's about 80 cm in diameter.

I made Sakura flowers which bloom in spring. I cut the petals out of a paper carefully using a cutter.

Some little flowers bloom on a hill in spring.

I traced an outline of leaves as the design for summer. After then I cut the outline of leaves.

The trees are covered with leaves.

For autumn, I made chestnut leaves in a defferent way. I tore the shape using hands, and pressed the vein of a leaf on the paper. I glued some of them onto the tree, and I spread some of them to look like falling leaves. I also made chestnuts in burrs and I made a fox beside them and then placed it under the chestnut tree because there is a famous story by him called "Gon, the little Fox".

I slit the paper into strips to become bushes, then curled the edge of a grass using the round stick to look like wind.

I cut a paper where in the children are playing at the snow hill. I teared the edge of the paper to look like it lies on the ground.

-Snaps- Niimi Nankichi Memorial Museum


Exhibition of book designs for
Nankichi Niimi

Dec. 10, 2013 ~ Dec. 23, 2012
〒150-0013 Ebisu4-8-3, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Jan. 26 ~ Mar. 16, 2014
Niimi Nankichi Memorial Museum
〒475-0966 Yanabenisimati1-10-1, Handa-shi, Aichi

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